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What Your THC Removal Shampoo Must Be Able To Do?

Have you noticed that there are like a million detox shampoos on the market? At the same time, there’s a whole lot of testimonies from users claiming these solutions don’t work. Where’s the logic in selling detox solutions that don’t work and still be able to hold a business?

The answer is mainly in the type of shampoos. There are those that are only made as beauty products and are able to make the hair more healthy, shiny, and beautiful. Then, there’s only few that are trying to make every toxin that’s build up to be washed out and in the end, there are those that only mask the presence of drug particles providing a chance to pass the test without getting noticed that you’ve been smoking.

So, if you’re about to make that mandatory drug test, you’re also obligated to come out negative on it. If the other option happens you’ll probably lose the job or won’t get the one you’re applying for. The worst part about getting sacked over drug use is that it leaves a mark on your record. Imagine how a future employer will see when you were fired over narcotics.

Having this in mind, you must find the one solution that is able to get you cleaned completely. To do this you must get the only formula that is able to do this.

Knowing the difference between thorough and fast cleaners

Looking for the one that will get you cleaned, you’ll surely see that there are some products saying they’ll do the job in a day, while others need almost two weeks. At the same time, those that need more time are far more expensive than the others. How is this logical?

The logic is in the success rate they have. There’s actually no quick solution for this. You have to spend some time in constant washing in order to be sure you’ve done a good job.

Fast solution work by creating a time frame during which the hair is masked and the test isn’t able to uncover their existence. Some work for up to 8 hours, while others claim to work for up to a day. The truth is that they are highly unreliable.

On the other hand, the ones that don’t promise miracles are known as the better option. They need more time though, but the results are much more reliable.

How do these products work?

Over a period of two weeks, the user must wash regularly. Every day for up to 4 times a day, the user must rinse thoroughly with the shampoo. In the end, the toxins that were built up will be completely gone.

This is done because the shampoo’s ingredients are specially made to get inside every single hair. They strip the layers of it and slowly wash out the toxins. It takes around two weeks for the roots to come out on the surface, so it’s important to do this daily so every part of your hair is completely covered.

Of course, you need to stop smoking before you begin this procedure. If you don’t do this, the toxins will constantly come out and you won’t be completely sure about the results. You also need to know that drug particles are stuck in the follicle for up to 3 months. After this time there are no more drug toxins in it. So, if you didn’t smoke for the last three months, you have nothing to worry about.

However, almost 30 million Americans took some kind of illicit drug in the past 30 days. That’s 10% of the population. That’s a huge number, and if you’re looking for a solution here, it means you probably had some. Don’t worry, we don’t judge, everyone needs a time out here and there. See some drug statistics about America here.

How to make sure you’re safe?

If you’re running late and the examination day is getting closer and closer, you need to do something as soon as possible.

The best way to make it on the test and get negative results is to use the famous macujo method which has proven to work for millions. This method involves 4 products.

You’ll need at least 10 days for this. First, you need to stop smoking. Then, you need to get the ingredients. You’ll need white vinegar, pink Clean and Clear solution, Aloe Rid Old Formula detox shampoo, and Tide detergent. Use them in this order.

The procedure goes like this – first you make your hair wet. Do it just a little, don’t soak it completely as you’ll need to add the vinegar and if it’s soaked the vinegar won’t be able to do its job. Add it and rub it on your scalp. Make sure you cover every inch. The vinegar will make your skin soft and relaxed and will open the pores so the rest of the ingredients can reach as deep as possible to the roots of the hair.

Then add the pink Clean and Clear solution. It’s s skincare product that makes the skin also relaxed and moist. It does the same as the vinegar. Leave it together for 30 minutes under a showering cap so the effects are full.

After 30 minutes wash everything out with the shampoo. This is the best drug detox shampoo on the market. It’s a little expensive but it does a great job. It is able to completely wash out the follicle from every toxin including the drugs. The problem is, it needs a little more time because the drugs are literally hidden behind the layers covering it.

In the end, do another wash with the Tide shampoo. This is something that makes sure your hair is treated completely. It damages your hair because it uses bleach but this is good if you want to pass the test.

After 10-14 days, you can be sure that you’re clean and you’ll most certainly pass the test without a problem.

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