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Sanitary Butterfly Valves and Its Benefits

Butterfly valves are used mainly for regulating the flow and it can be turned only in quarter for regulating the flow. There is a metal disc available in the valve body which is positioned in the perpendicular direction to the flow while it is in closed position.

You need to rotate up to one quarter of single turn, so that it can be in parallel with the flow while it is in fully opened position. With intermediate rotations, it will allow regulation of the liquid flow.

Often sanitary butterfly valves are used in agricultural or for wastewater treatment applications. These valves are the most commonly available and very well-known valve types.

Advantages of this kind of sanitary valves include the following:

  • The rubber sealing as well as valve plates of butterfly valve are imported, that ensures the performance and also service life of butterfly valve.
  • For ensuring reliable interchangeability of these butterfly valves from each other, a very high-precision CNC is generally used to lathe all the parts of the valve.

Thus, saving any kind of trouble of uncertainty in their performance because of change of rubber parts.

  • Nylon sleeves are inlaid into the stem of the valve so that their opening and closing becomes much easier and flexible because of reduced friction.
  • All the steel parts are made of stainless steel, and rubbers are food-grade rubbers, so that their sanitation level will be high.
  • The diameter of the valve body is equal to the diameter of pipeline, and when it is open the streamlined and narrow valve plate, will be in same direction that of the fluid.

As a result, it will cause large flow and with very small resistance, and thus it will not cause any material accumulation.

  • There are handles which are either wrench type or pull type that can withstand much bigger operating torque and also is not inclined to to any wrench-off.

  • The range of opening and closing is within 0 to 90ᵒ. It can also be fixed at the positions in the step of every 15ᵒ. And it is adjustable, quite easy to open or close and operate.
  • Generally, they use detachable connections. Their structure is quite simple and it is easy to maintain.
  • Their shape is beautiful and light, having a bright surface which does not attract dust or irritate hands.
  • For ensuring quality they undergo very rigorous sealing and strength test.

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