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Importance of Testing your Site’s Load Speed Regularly

Website performance matters a lot for the success of your website. When building your site using a dependable website builder, you want to choose a web host that can help boost your site’s performance. A bad web hosting can cause your site to fail the performance test. This test measures the speed the page can load when a user visits a site. Page speed is necessary as site visitors do not stick around and wait for a page to load. In fact, they will usually wait 2-3 seconds for a page to load. In case your site has been loading slowly, you must address this problem right away.

What is a Good Load Time

The search engine giant says that a website page must take just three seconds or less to load. But, the majority of websites do not even get close to this number. This is especially true when websites are accessed through mobile devices. To make sure your site meets this requirement, carry out a performance test on a regular basis.

To test your site’s load speed, take advantage of tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This allows you to see the load speed score of your web pages and informs you why your page is not loading as quickly as it should. A lot of WordPress plugins are also available to help in diagnosing issues and make your site faster.

How to Improve your Sites’ Load Speed

When you start testing your pages regularly, you will learn about the factors that can contribute to its performance. Knowing these factors will help you address the problem. Here are ways to improve load times:

  • Reduce HTTP request. This request occurs when a browser requests anything from your server. If you have many on-page components, this will take longer. You can reduce these requests by de-cluttering your site. Remove any plugins and themes you are not using. Also, delete unused images and limit big graphics and embedded videos.
  • Decrease server response time. In terms of website speed, web hosting is one of the most essential factors. You need a server that has the appropriate resources to keep your website running smoothly and ensure its optimal performance. In case the problem is your server, ensure the web host is running the latest PHP version. Also, ensure you are getting enough b bandwidth and data from them to fully support your site.

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