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A Guide On Working As A Production Planner

It is essential for any organization to run smoothly so that any business experiences growth and stability. The role of a Production Planner is very important in organizing the various products made by a company. These are also called as production schedulers or production planner clerks.

Production Planners

They help in organizing how the companies produce products, distributes and how it utilizes its labor. The main focus is on reviewing and analyzing the productivity rate of a company and implementing ways to increase its efficiency. The work mainly involves creating the inventory records and forecasting about the costs involved in shipping orders.

They need to work in the office and as well as on the production floor, where the environment is very noisy and have hazardous conditions. There are adequate chances of getting emploi Riviere Du Loup (a small city located on the south shore of Saint Lawrence River) in Quebec. The company like Breton Tradition 1944 provides employment to people in various sectors depending on their abilities.

Eligibility Criteria To Become A Production Planner

Education – A High School Diploma is required by the production, planning and expediting clerks. Basic computer knowledge is needed. Various skills are learned while they are working in a company.

Additional Requirements – As the job of a Production Planner involves contacting the supplier’s excellent communication skills are helpful in doing the work effectively. Knowledge of Basic Math is an added advantage. They should have the ability to look into details as they need to check various items for defects and based on these necessary actions can be taken related to the product.

The Role of a Production Planner

Production And Planning – They ensure that proper workflow is maintained among the businesses. Reports are compiled regarding the progress of works and any problems related to the work. Taking orders for the new products and maintaining the schedule of the workers is done by them. The office tasks like entering the data and distributing the emails are also performed.

Keeping A Track Of The Various Shipments – They need to keep track of shipments which are coming in and going out. The inventory tracking is done with devices which are handheld or using RFID (radio frequency identification) scanners. It is the duty of Production Planner to check whether these shipments are recorded in their computer system.

Inspecting The Received Materials – They check samples which enter the warehouse and keep a record of these products. If any faults are detected they have to make a decision whether to send it back to the factory or not.


The tasks performed by production planner ensure the proper workflow within a company and also outside. An efficient planner performs all the duties with dedication having ultimate focus on the wellbeing of the company.

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